Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mets seem determined to make a fool of me.

All I had to do was get snarky about their early season woes, and what do they do? Take three of four from the defending champ Phillles, win a two game series from their arch-nemeses the Braves, and win two from the admittedly floundering Pirates, the effect of which has been to lift them to first in the NL East, by a half game margin.

Nevertheless, the Times sees the Yanks' 12-5 drubbing by the Orioles as worthy of the front page of the Sunday sports section, while the Mets' 10-1 victory and ascension to the division lead gets buried on page three.

Update: As you can tell, I carry something like a 2X4 on my shoulder regarding the Mets' second team status. Jon Lewin has this to say on the subject.

Update-update: When I first posted this, I was tempted to add something about my hoping that saying good things about the Mets wouldn't curse them. No worries there, so far, as they complete their sweep of the Pirates, extend their winning streak to seven, and pad their division lead as the Phils lose again.