Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mets may blow their last chance.

Today, the Mets beat the Nats with superb pitching by Tim Redding, timely hitting by Jeff Francouer, Daniel Murphy, and David Wright, and a rare--these days--save opportunity made good by Francisco Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, this puts the Mets thirteen games "behind" Washington in the one race the Mets can still win: the race to the bottom of the NL East. This is with thirteen games left to play.

I'm contemplating the bleak prospect of a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. If it happens, I may hold my nose and root for the Yanks, unlike in 1955 and '56.


  1. Bite your tongue! No way the Dodgers get past the Cards.

  2. Arch, I hope you're prognostication is accurate. If the Cards win the NL, I won't have to hold my nose and root for the Yanks.

  3. Yankees rule all!!!

    (Sorry. Just wanted to say hi, Claude. It's been awhile.)

    I hear the new stadium is pretty nice.

  4. If it's Yanks-Dodgers I will enter the Baseball-Free Zone for the duration.

    What a nightmare.