Monday, January 10, 2011

Brooklyn's Winter Ale

Yesterday evening, I tasted this offering from Brooklyn Brewery. My notes:

Color: deep reddish amber.

Head: full and creamy, but collapsed quickly (perhaps because of low ambient humidity).

Aroma: fruity, with chocolate overtones.

Flavor: full, rich, mildly sweet and caramel-y, with slight hop bitterness at finish.

All in all, a most satisfying brew for a winter's night. I had a different reaction when I tasted this in May: see my tasting notes here. In particular, this time I didn't notice the "slippery, glycerin-y" quality that I did in the earlier tasting. I wonder if the formula has been changed for this winter's offering, if my palate has changed, or if it just makes a difference whether you taste this on a warm night in May or a cold one in January.

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