Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh, no! Cat photos.

My wife funded my purchase of a new camera for Christmas, and I bought it today. It's a Canon PowerShot  SX 260 HS (no, I haven't a clue what "SX" and "HS" mean), a handy point-and-shoot that will be easy to carry and use on my morning walks. By the time I'd set it up and the lithium ion battery was charged, it was dark and sleeting outside. So my first practice shots were of two handy subjects in our apartment. In the photo above, Hepzibah is snug in her kitty bed. I bent down to try to get a better shot, and, of course, she got up and left.

Here's Attila ("Tilly") curled up on our bed.

Is that a bug on the ceiling?

The weather should be better tomorrow, so I'll try to get some outdoor shots. Anything good I'll post here.

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  1. Adorable cats! My parents have a cat who resembles Tilly. Congrats on the new camera!