Sunday, September 06, 2015

Some scenes from Cape Cod

The Bourne Bridge, our entryway to the Cape. There are two other bridges that cross the Cape Cod Canal onto the Cape proper. To the north is the Sagamore Bridge, and to the south is a railroad bridge with a lift span that stays up to let ships pass and is only lowered when a train needs to cross. Rail passenger service to the Cape was restored recently after many years' absence.
Skaket Beach, on the Cape Cod Bay side of the Town of Orleans, at high tide.
Skaket Beach at low tide. Note how far out on the sandbars people go.
Typical Cape marshland. What's that tower?
Aha! It's an osprey nest platform, and an osprey has nested on it.
Here's a close-up of the osprey.
This rabbit was often seen near our friends' driveway.
Provincetown harbor.
Looking back at Provincetown from the MacMillan Pier. The building in the background is the Provincetown Public Library.
On the way back from Provincetown, we made our second visit to Truro Vineyards; a photo of their vineyard is above (compare to photos taken in early June of 2013 in the post linked above). I bought a bottle of their estate grown cabernet franc and one of their estate grown chardonnay. I'll be tasting both and reporting about them here; stay tuned.
Here's a tiger swallowtail butterfly getting nectar from a butterfly bush in our friends' backyard.