Wednesday, September 09, 2015

TBT: Frank Sinatra, "September Song."

Yes, it's that month of cooling temperatures. We had a couple of days this week that saw thermometers registering in the low 90s, but relief is said to be on the way, after some rain we could use. It's also, for me and I suspect for many, a time of reflection, especially as we grow older and see the progress of the year reflecting our own progress into autumn, with winter to follow.

"September Song" was written by Kurt Weill, with lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, for an unsuccessful 1938 Broadway show, Knickerbocker Holiday. It was first recorded by the show's star, Walter Huston. Despite the show's failure, the song went on to become a standard. Bing Crosby recorded it twice, and Frank Sinatra three times. The third was the lucky one; it was on his 1965 album September of My Years, recorded when he was fifty. The album went to number five on the Billboard pop album chart. The song was later covered by, among others, James Brown, Lou Reed, and Willie Nelson.